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|Summer School on Academic Integrity
Φόρτωση Εκδηλώσεις

In recent years, breaches of academic integrity have attracted the attention of a large number of involved stakeholders: Academics, PhD students, Researchers, HEI administrators, Editorial Boards of Journals and/or Conference proceedings, the Press and through that the public. It is often stated that there is an increase in academic misconduct incidences and this can be attributed to number of contributing factors. Some of them are well defined, while some others are still under investigation.

In this Summer School, we will look into policies and best practices, and use e-tools, case studies and lab sessions to help participants limit academic misconduct in their institutions and to ensure that confirmed offenders will receive constructive support to avoid misconducts in the future. In addition, we will help PhD students and/or junior faculty become aware of contextual issues and follow best procedures in relation to the following topics:

• Plagiarism Deterrence

• Contract Cheating Avoidance

• Predatory Journals: Limiting their attractiveness

• Developing paraphrasing skills

• Open Access Repositories: Advantages and Implications

• Intellectual Property Rights and Open Resources

• Ethics in Academia and Beyond

• Ethical Research Practices

• Information Systems for Academic Integrity

• Tools for developing reference lists

• Recruiting and Hiring Processes for junior faculty

• Corruption and Bribery in Academia and ways to limit it

• GDPR and its implication in Academia

The Summer School will employ experiential learning methodologies including PBL, workshops, hands on seminars, case studies, focus groups and panel discussions. Lectures will be selectively included in the schedule. The Summer School will also include a field trip to enhance students’ learning experience. An accompanying social agenda will enhance appreciation of the local culture.

Participation Fees

Participation Fee for ENAI members: €400

Participation Fee for non-ENAI members: €500

The fee covers all learning activities and material, 2 coffee breaks per day, 1 buffet lunch per day at the University of Nicosia Gallery Restaurant, a welcome cocktail (non-alcoholic beverages available), transportation on the day of the field trip, (from and to the University of Nicosia premises), walking tour of the old city of Nicosia, farewell dinner at a traditional Cypriot tavern, and a day pass for a trip to the seaside at the end of the Summer School.

Participants will receive certificates (printed and digital) and Europass documents.

For further information, contact Maria Christophi T: 22841707