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|[ARC] Studio Presentations for Exams | Spring 2019
Φόρτωση Εκδηλώσεις
Αυτή η εκδήλωση έχει τελειώσει.

The Department of Architecture [ARC], cordially invites you to the Studio Presentations for Exams for Spring 2019 Semester


ARCH-102 Introduction to Architectural Design II for 1st-year students13/05/201909:00-15:00
ARCH-202 Architectural Design III for 2nd-year students14/05/201909:00-15:00
ARCH-302 Architectural Design V-Building Technology for 3rd-year students17/05/201909:00-18:00
ARCH-402 Advanced Architectural Studio for 4th year students20-21/05/201909:00-18:00
ARCH-502 Final Project for 5th year students23-24/05/201909:00-18:00


INT-102 Interior II for 1st year students13/05/201909:00-14:00
INT-202 Interior III for 2nd year students15/05/201910:00-16:00
INT-302 Interior V for 3rd year students 15/05/201910:00-16:00
INT-402 Final Year Project for 4th year students 17/05/2019 at 13:00-17:0017/05/201913:00-17:00

All presentations will take place at the Architecture Research Center, University of Nicosia.