SHSS Newsletter 02 | 2021

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to be introducing the second edition of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Newsletter. The Editorial Committee and I hope that you find the material interesting and stimulating, and that it gives you an overview of the various professional and research activities that members of faculty and students of our School have been involved with during the academic year that is just coming to an end.

In this edition of the Newsletter, you will read about the various research activities, projects and publications that faculty members of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences have been working on. You will also be informed about conferences and events relevant to the various disciplines represented within our School. We are grateful to all contributors who have taken the time to put in writing their activities and achievements to be disseminated via our Newsletter. We are aware that this past academic year has been one with many (and ongoing) challenges for all members of faculty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The motivation and drive to keep up with the various activities that are being presented in this edition of the Newsletter during these extraordinary times is a testament to faculty members’ commitment to professionalism and their aspiration to achieve academic excellence.

We hope that you enjoy reading this second edition of the SHSS Newsletter and we look forward to receiving your submissions for future editions so that the work conducted by our diverse and multidisciplinary School community can be showcased and communicated to the wider academic community.

With best wishes,
Dr Ioulia Papageorgi
SHSS Newsletter Editor
Associate Dean of School
Associate Professor, Social Sciences