School Profile

Our Focus

The School of Business (SBA) is one of Cyprus’ major business education resources.  Organizationally, our School consists of the departments of Accounting, Economics and Finance, Digital Innovation and Management. The School also includes the graduate MBA Office and the master programmes in Digital Currency, Engineering Management and Banking, Accounting and Finance. We also offer two Doctoral Degrees, PhD and DBA. It also includes the Center for Leisure, Tourism and Sport Research and Development (CLTS), the Centre for Green Development and Energy Policy (CDG), and the Accounting Lab offering practical training and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our Vision

The School’s vision is to establish itself as the largest Business School in Cyprus and one of the top Business Schools in Southern Europe, and be the leader in business engagement environment.  The School strives to achieve a positive reputation for becoming a school of choice – one which prospective students see as providing a pathway to academic and professional achievement.

Through our programmes, we aspire to develop competent, entrepreneurial, internationally oriented, and socially responsible managers who can master tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Success

Not surprisingly, we have been recognized often for our quality programmes and services.  In fact, our graduates readily recommend us to their friends, and demand for our degree programs continues to outpace our capacity to accommodate it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve excellence in business education, research and service by adapting to the needs of a competitive business environment.

  • For our students: we prepare to succeed in a rapidly changing, technology-driven global business environment;
  • For our alumni: we provide opportunities for continuing professional development and a legacy that appreciates as our excellence grows;
  • For the business and professional communities: we offer knowledgeable graduates, educational programs, research, and collaborative projects.

Our People

The School has dedicated, engaged and high qualified faculty that is committed to excellence in teaching and research.

We provide both degree and non-credit educational programmes for our range of constituents. Included are undergraduate and postgraduate programmes; seminars, short-courses, and conferences.

Our Students

The School’s student body is diverse and multicultural and reflects to some extent the demographics of Cyprus and the location of the island.  The diversity of the student body has prompted many of our students to be members of organizations along ethnic lines. This cross-cultural mix provides a rich base of views and practices to enhance and expand students’ perspectives for multinational business environments. To take advantage of this expansive potential, the School offers students the opportunity to develop their business acumen through participation in various student societies. These societies sponsor a number of events like field trips, discussion panels, and prominent guest speakers from the business sector.  The School also offers task-based internship opportunities that are combined with the ERASMUS Student Mobility Programme to build professional and personal connections in Cyprus and abroad.

Links with the Industry

The School has close ties with the business community and supports it through various units of the university which offer such services as consultancy, business incubation, and training and development. Moreover, this link is also achieved through the School of Business Advisory Board (BSAB).  This Board is made up of an honorary group of prominent business executives and University officials that serve as a bridge between our School and the business and professional community.