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Department of Digital Innovation

Exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Internet of Things(IoT) and Blockchain make the world changing at a rapid pace and are giving rise to a number of breakthroughs in several fields.

The University of Nicosia was the first to recognise the need for Blockchain education and responded by offering the first MSc programme in Blockchain and Digital Currency, in 2014. The programme has attracted hundreds of students from more than 85 countries and it is hosted by the Department of Digital Innovation.

The Department of Digital Innovation focuses on the investigation of these exponential technologies and explores their impact at technological, business, and societal level. The Department has high-calibre faculty with diverse educational background and significant expertise in key areas.

It is well-known in blockchain education and research and it has high international reputation and recognition. The Department is pioneer in forecasting and AI and conducts applied research with leading blockchain and forecasting organizations.

It also collaborates with top industry experts and academics and conducts research with more than 50 academic institutions and 100 organizations from various sectors.

Top Reasons to Enroll

What Our Students Say

“From a refugee camp in Amsterdam to UNIC

On 23 September 2014, I was on a date with destiny.

My life changed in 24 hours after my skilled labor contract was not renewed in the Netherlands. As a Syrian National, my life stood still and the only option to stay in the Netherlands was to apply for asylum. I closed down my crypto start-up and upscaled mining operations to ask for refuge at the Asylum centre in North Holland…”

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Tey Al–Rjula, CEO / Co-founder, Digital Currency, Class of 2017

“In 2009, I became interested in the innovative field of Blockchains and Bitcoin and read just about everything I could find about it. UNIC is forward thinking, innovative and open-minded. It was the first university in the world to acknowledge this new field as a legitimate academic and professional pursuit, by formally establishing an accredited Masters Degree in Digital Currency. I’m not a typical candidate for such a programme, being a Medical Doctor and a surgeon by training, so I was truly excited when I was admitted…”

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Bryant Joseph Gilot , Chief Medical Officer at Blockchain Health Co. Digital Currency, Class of 2016

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Department Events

Seats within Cine Studio are sold out. Check out live streaming options below. Mr. Changpeng Zhao (CZ) at the University of Nicosia for an exclusive interview in Cyprus The co-founder and CEO of Binance will be interviewed by UNIC CEO, Antonis Polemitis, about the future of cryptoassets and ongoing industry developments Monday 28th [...]

BINANCE Meetup Nicosia

22 November, 2022 @ 19:00 - 21:00

EVENT UPDATE: Due to some last-minute changes, unfortunately CZ will not be able to join the event, but the Binance team looks forward to meeting you in person and give out Binance swag to lucky attendees! Check out the agenda below. Binance Meetup with Changpeng Zhao (CZ) at UNIC The University of Nicosia is [...]

Binance Academy x UNIC

22 November, 2022 @ 17:00 - 18:30

An intro to Web3 and the Metaverse with Binance Academy only for UNIC students

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