New Dimensions of the Architecture FABLab

The Department of Architecture has just completed the induction courses for the Fabrication laboratory and the Woodwork laboratory, which updated student and staff about the renewed safety measures and as well as the protocols for the use of the new laser cutter.

The Architecture Research Centre has recently expanded the fabrication laboratory which supports research and fabrication under the Architecture, Interior and MSc CDDF programmes. Replacing the previous equipment, the new laser cutter enables processing of virtually any material that is typically used for cutting and engraving architectural models: textiles, synthetic materials, wood, veneer, MDF, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystyrene, foils and films, acrylic, plastics, and many more.

The new Laser Cutting Machine is intended to increase fabrication output and create multiple opportunities for innovative experimentation and advanced design solutions through student work, testing and research, creative collaborations and industry partnerships.