UNIC’S Centre of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion commemorates International Women’s Day

The Centre of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI) at the University of Nicosia is fully aligned with the occasion commemorating the International Women’s Day, as celebrated on 8th March annually. As a first act and upon officially launching our initiative at the University of Nicosia, CEDI also extends its deep appreciation for our friends, members, associates, and colleagues in their fight for meaningful and true equality.

However, the Centre also notes that this day does not simply indicate a mere cause of celebration. Today marks a day of remembrance and reflection. It is a day of remembering, appreciating, honouring, understanding, and supporting the daily struggles and achievements of all women who have been fighting for their rights amidst abuse, violence, discrimination, undermining, and disadvantage across the social fabric. As CEDI, our mission is to focus more on the aspects of inequality by understanding the core issues exhibited in society and at policy level. The struggle for real and meaningful equality is far from over, as the date of 8th March merely signifies that we must actively keep on pushing for more.

Happy International Women’s Day.

The CEDI Team