UNIC Professor Dimitris Drikakis ranks top researcher in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, in Cyprus

University of Nicosia’s Professor Dimitris Drikakis has ranked “top researcher” in the discipline of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, in Cyprus, according to the 2023 Edition of Research.com.

In the equivalent world ranking of this leading academic platform for researchers, Prof. Drikakis ranks #494 among 166,880 scientists examined in total.

Professor Drikakis, who also serves as the University’s Vice President for Global Partnerships, and Executive Director of Research & Innovation Office, has a joint faculty appointment in Science & Engineering & Medical Schools, and conducts multidisciplinary research in engineering science and emerging technologies, including fluid mechanics, acoustics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, with applications to aerospace, defence, energy and biomedical sector. He has extensively worked with industry and research laboratories worldwide in the above areas.

He has received the William Penney Fellowship Award by the UK’s Atomic Establishment in recognition of his contributions to multicomponent flows; the Innovator of the Year Award (2014) by the UK’s Innovation Institute for a new-generation carbon-capture nanotechnology device; and has also received awards from the US Air Force in AI, high speed flows and acoustics. Furthermore, he has published 470 research articles and graduated 45 PhD students, many of whom have senior positions in academia and industry.

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