UNIC Law students presented the theatrical play “The trial of Orestes in play”

On 30.3.2023, the School of Law of the University of Nicosia and the Law and Literature Lab of the School presented, at the crowded CineStudio Venue of the University, the theatrical play “The trial of Orestes”, based upon Maria and Christia Middleton’s book “The trial of Orestes in play [Η δίκη του Ορέστη εν θεάτρω] (Hippasus Publications, 2021). The play and the event were coordinated by Stergios Mitas, Vagia Polyzoidou and Antonis Baltas. The Dean of the School Prof. Achilles Emilianides addressed the event, while the writer Maria Middleton gave her own brief speech-address.

Participating students in the play: Amalia Zatlanou, Anastasia Ioannou, Marios-Konstantinos Katiforis, Argiro Kotsira, Anais Boli, Anita Nestoridi, Andreas Papadopoulos, Dimitris Pavlidis, Milena Pavlidou, Thanasis Sapounas, Zacharias Troulis, Thanos Tsikrikas, Lina Tsolka, Elena Chaloulakou.

Following the play, student project groups presented their wοrk upon the mythical and theatrical background of the play, the theatre and law approach taken and the legal issues highlighted in the play, focusing among others on: the value of justice, freedom of will, criminal liability, offenses against life etc. (theatre project group: Anita Nestoridou, Milena Pavlidou, Lina Tsolka – criminal law project group: Anais Boli, Dimitris Pavlidis, Thanasis Sapounas).