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Webinar – Discover skills of the future while staying at home

Want to know which skills will make you relevant in the future regardless of how the future job market will look like? Join us to find out more about which skills and competencies will make you future-proof!

The job market is changing and shifting its trends, mainly due to the technological advancements and acceleration. Twelve years old children today, will work in professions tomorrow that haven’t been invented yet, based on research. Technology will transform many of the current professions while some of them will be redundant and new ones will be created. So, how do we prepare our children and young people for careers and jobs that do not exist yet? How do we bridge the skills gap, apparent around the global job market? What do we equip our children with to face an uncertain future? The common answer to these questions is: human and soft skills, e.g. emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience. Also, of outer importance to be able to adapt in an uncertain future is the ability to learn how to learn vs. what to learn.

Dr. Maria Siopacha
Director, Career Success Centre

Short Bio
Maria Siopacha │ Director of Career Success Centre

Maria Siopacha finished BSc studies in Mathematics, MSc and PhD in Financial Mathematics. She studied in Greece (where she comes from), in the UK at University of Warwick and in Vienna, Austria at the University of Technology. She started her banking career in Athens, working for a local bank in the back office and soon after she was promoted and joined the Treasury department. After finishing her studies, she worked for a German bank in market risk management. Later she worked for Raiffeisen Bank International in Vienna where she was developing the internal market risk model. After working for Raiffeisen for 4 years, she joined UBS headquarters in Zurich in 2011 as a Director in Risk Control and Risk Methodology. She spent a couple of years as a Quantitative Risk Specialist developing statistical and mathematical economic capital models. In the meantime, she was appointed as a Guest Auditor within Group Internal Audit during the Interest Rate Risk of the Banking Book group-wide audit review. Afterwards she was promoted to Head Model Confirmation & Governance within the statistical risk aggregation methodology team. With her colleagues, they were responsible for validating and confirming the Risk Based Capital figures of the Pillar 2 economic capital models and for monitoring that model performance and model output is fit-for-purpose so that the statistical models can be used for risk measurement/equity attribution/risk appetite framework while managing the associate model risk. From January 2018 to June 2018 she was appointed an Executive Role as the Local Supervisor of the Risk Methodology team in Krakow, Poland. In July 2019 she joined the University of Nicosia as Director of the Career Success Centre. Her team consists of three direct reports and three student assistants. Among her lines of duty, she leads projects on enhancing employability of students through various actions as well as she delivers employability seminars.

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