UNIC is proud to support the “Voicing + Crafting” initiatives underway.

These interdisciplinary projects aim to collect oral history testimonies from the people of Cyprus and place them in a digital archive and website called “Voicing Stories”, and in an anthology of comic book strips called “Craft Stories”.

In doing so, they bridge together aspects of socially engaged communication design, oral history and storytelling, in a way that seeks to foster inter-communal dialogue and activate engagement with folk, vernacular culture. At the same time, these projects hope to incite the public’s interest in the preservation of such testimonies, instigate critical thinking, and stimulate creative expression.

The educators engaged in facilitating workshops, seminars, and tours include our colleagues: Dr Evi Tselika, who gave a tour within the social housing community of Aglantzia – participants sat at the “kafene”, conversing with the local community and engaging in experiential learning, while familiarizing themselves with ways to work with people as a socially engaged practitioner; and Dr Nicoletta Demetriou, who provided an introduction to oral history, sharing insights into the work she has been doing with elderly Greek and Turkish Cypriot fiddlers for the past twelve years.

Learn more at the following link: https://xarkis.org/voicing-craft-stories/