University of Nicosia Pharmacy Programme to award Integrated Master Degree

Successful completion of the first cycle of studies, which is offered by the Pharmacy Programme of the University of Nicosia, will lead to the award of αn Integrated Master

Following the successful accreditation process by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA), the Pharmacy Programme of the University of Nicosia has been accredited as an Integrated Master. The duration of the study programme will be 5 years (300 ECTS).

With the completion of the CYQAA evaluation process, the University of Nicosia becomes the first university in Cyprus to offer such a Degree, and the third in both Greece and Cyprus following the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the University of Patras. The new curriculum is in line with the current trends and needs of pharmacy education in Europe. It provides robust and balanced knowledge, based on the full range of pharmaceutical and health sciences, enabling its graduates to acquire the expertise and skills required by the pharmacy profession and fulfill their role as critical and useful links in the healthcare chain.

The Pharmacy Program of the University of Nicosia is devoted to the training of pharmacist scientists who will be able to provide high quality, documented, interprofessional, patient-centered pharmaceutical care and to promote public health. Dr. Christos Petrou, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Pharmacy Programme, stated that “During the 10-year operation of the Programme, it has been recognized for its leading role in the training of Pharmacists and has become known for its academic excellence.”

He went on to add that “Graduates of our programme stand out and distinguish themselves locally and nationally, both professionally and academically,” and “the Pharmacy Programme has also become a key research hub in the field of bioactive compounds with its state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, thus strengthening the link between research and education.”