The Institute For the Future of the University of Nicosia marks the conclusion of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum Partnership

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) proudly announces the successful conclusion of its four-year partnership with the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum (EUBOF), during which it served as an academic partner and directly advised the European Commission on blockchain technology. This collaboration has significantly contributed to the advancement of blockchain technology across Europe.

Over the past four years, UNIC has played a pivotal role in guiding EUBOF’s initiatives, providing expert insights, and helping shape European blockchain policies.

As the project draws to a close, several key publications have been released in the past weeks, highlighting the achievements and future directions of blockchain technology in Europe.

  • Blockchain for Beginners – A EUBOF Guide
    This comprehensive guide serves as an essential resource for those new to blockchain technology, providing foundational knowledge and insights into its applications. Download the guide
  • EU Blockchain Ecosystem Report v3
    Presented during the final workshop held in Brussels in May 2024, this report details the latest updates and developments of the blockchain ecosystem within the Europe. Download the report
  • Conclusion Report
    The final report providing a comprehensive overview of EUBOF’s activities, achievements, and impact over the past four years, while also proving insights into future trends and policy actions for blockchain technology in Europe. Download the report

“Partnering with the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum has been an extraordinary journey for the University of Nicosia. Our collaboration has not only advanced blockchain education and policy but also reinforced our commitment to being at the forefront of blockchain acceleration. We are proud of the tangible outcomes of this partnership and look forward to continuing our work in blockchain education.” said Prof George Giaglis, Executive Director at the Institute For the Future at the University of Nicosia.

As the EUBOF project concludes, the University of Nicosia remains dedicated to promoting blockchain education and research, leveraging the knowledge and experience gained over the past four years to foster innovation and growth in Europe and beyond.


The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is a European Commission initiative to accelerate blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU and so help cement Europe’s position as a global leader in this transformative new technology.

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