From UNIC to the Big Pitches

I’m now in my final year at UNIC, an institution that understands and addresses the difficulties Professional and Olympic Athletes face. Certainly, in my case, I feel the University has provided the necessary flexibility and support system for me to thrive in both my academic and professional pursuits.

I’ve achieved a lot in my time with local champions, APOEL, which is a testament to the endless hours and hard work I’ve put in as forward striker with the team since 2013. At the same time, UNIC has given me so much in terms of rounding out my education, adding to my skillset, and helping to put me in a position where I’ll be able to progress in my life after the game. I feel UNIC is preparing me to undertake the next chapter in my career, once that inevitable day comes when I hang up my footballer shoes. More specifically, I’ll be well placed to continue my engagement in the sport, even in another capacity.

Of course, I’m far from done! The team is consistently performing well on the big stages, notching up some impressive wins over much larger clubs in the highly competitive UEFA Champion’s League and Europa League. At the same time, I’m on the Cyprus National Football Team roster, representing my country in exciting international home and away games.

I’d like to thank UNIC and my supportive and capable professors for an incredible experience. Studying Sports Science has really helped me to embrace and develop my awareness and knowledge of the workings of sports, as I feel all active athletes with a deep interest in their respective sport (particularly in coaching or managing) should.

I’m especially thankful for the support I’m receiving along the way, which makes it an easier though still challenging process. As I’ve said, UNIC treats its Professional and Olympic Athletes in the best way possible, while equipping them with sound scientific knowledge. In doing so, as in the case of many other active players, the University is dynamically contributing to the development of sports in Cyprus and to a heightened sports culture in the island and beyond.

Pieros Soteriou
Professional Football Player, APOEL F.C.
Sports Science, Class of 2018