From UNIC to Nielsen Cyprus to Nielsen Global

Moving to Cyprus in order to join UNIC was one of the biggest stepping-stones in my life. At the age of 16/17,

I spent a tremendous amount of energy trying to figure out “What is next?”! Knowing that my university years would be the building blocks of my future, I came up with a rather strict compilation of prerequisites. The final list looked something like this: unbeatable worldclass education, hands-on working experience, ongoing personal growth. My high expectations led me to Cyprus and the University of Nicosia (UNIC). Little did I know at the time that the next 6 years spent at UNIC would not only meet, but also totally exceed, my anticipations. From a dreamer and planner, I turned into a doer.

UNIC provided me with far more than just education. The University doesn’t teach you hard skills and the inside-outs of a domain only. More impressive is how much attention they pay to developing the soft skills in order for you to grow as both a professional and a well-rounded individual. The books taught me what I need to know in order to get a job, the programme structure at UNIC taught me agility, confidence, persuasion, teamwork, integrity, empathy, negotiations, public speaking- in other words the skills needed to keep that job, turn it into a career and a splendid lifestyle.

For me, the tremendous emphasis on soft skill development provided by the University, together with the hard skills, made it a unique place – THE place – to study! At UNIC, you are made to see that the sky is not the limit! There are no limits when your foundations are as deep and strong as they can get, empowering you to be the very best version of yourself.

I studied Hospitality and Tourism, followed by an MBA. I currently work in the field of Consumer Neuroscience at AC Nielsen’s Global Markets HQs in Geneva. Nielsen is in the biggest market research company globally. What does my degree and time at UNIC have to do with my current status quo – EVERYTHING!

UNIC’s contribution to my career and new style of life do not end with my professional and personal development. The Career Office at UNIC is who assisted me in finding and molding me for my first job at Nielsen almost a decade ago. From a fresh graduate with an entry-level position, today, I lead Global Consumer Research for Multi-billion Dollar Brands while working with C-level executives and representatives of The Fortune 100 Most Powerful Women.

Education is not preparation for life. It is life itself. However, while education is a never-ending process, it is the foundations I acquired at UNIC that made the difference for me. I learned! I think BIG! What about you?

Anna Rangelova

Director Client Service, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, Nielsen, Geneva, Switzerland
Tourism, Leisure and Events Management, Class of 2008
MBA – Concentration (Management), Class of 2010