From UNIC to Harvard to Data Scientist

The quantitative knowledge and skills that I gained in the Engineering Department at UNIC became the very solid foundation on which my subsequent career was built.

Engineering as a subject is known to be intense and challenging, but at UNIC it was also very rewarding. As a student, I felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend classes organised and delivered by talented and caring educators, who came to UNIC from some of the world’s most renowned universities. I fondly remember the exchanges that I had with my professors, who actively engage the students not just in the classroom, but who are also very supportive in personal guidance and mentoring.

In addition to gaining advanced skills in mathematics, electronics and computer programming, I appreciate how I was also able to explore numerous other courses in the humanities and social sciences that helped to satisfy my curiosity and expand my intellectual horizons.

Upon completing my degree in Electrical Engineering with a 4.0 GPA, I went on to enrol in a Masters programme in Environmental Health at the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health, followed by the Ph.D. programme in Biostatistics at Harvard University in the United States. I am now the Founder and Chief Data Scientist at EADX, a big data analytics and business consulting company, based in Singapore.

Looking back at those four years, I am truly grateful for being a member of the UNIC family, and for the crucial role that it played in helping to shape my future.


Emannuel Dimont

Founder and Chief Data Scientists, EADX, Singapore
Electrical Engineering, Class of 2008