From Surgery to Blockchain

In 2009, I became interested in the innovative field of Blockchains and Bitcoin and read just about everything I could find about it. UNIC is forward thinking, innovative and open-minded. It was the first university in the world to acknowledge this new field as a legitimate academic and professional pursuit, by formally establishing an accredited Masters Degree in Digital Currency. I’m not a typical candidate for such a programme, being a Medical Doctor and a surgeon by training, so I was truly excited when I was admitted.

My class of about 13 students was geographically, professionally and academically diverse. Each of them added immensely to my overall experience. Similarly, the lecturers were among the most active, well known and most qualified people in the field to teach the course. The fact that it was taught over two years, and three terms online, allowed me to complete the programme from abroad, while working full-time as a surgeon. The online delivery of course materials, assignments and face-to-face video conferences worked well with my busy schedule. For me, the true value of the degree was the opportunity to discuss this esoteric topic with interested people, to better understand where the technology fits in the real world, and its potential future applications.

I was excited to be among the first ever class in the world to graduate with an MSc in Digital Currency. Since graduating, I’ve been invited to speak in the pharmaceutical industry with respect to pharma use cases for blockchains, by a forum associated with multinational development banks and with respect to use cases as they pertain to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, I’m pivoting my career towards the application of Blockchain Technologies within the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life-sciences verticals. In 2016, I was fortunate to be appointed as the Chief Medical Officer & Chair of the Clinical Advisory Board at Blockchain Health Co., a San Francisco healthcare software company mainly focusing on the pharmaceutical industry as clients.

UNIC has had an enormous beneficial impact on me professionally and has opened a new path for me. I’m nostalgic about my studies, but feel fortunate for the opportunity. UNIC is to be congratulated for being so forward thinking in such a new and innovative field. Had it not been for their foresight, I would not have the opportunities that I have today.

Bryant Joseph Gilot 
Chief Medical Officer at Blockchain Health Co.
Digital Currency, Class of 2016