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Dynamic Urban Campus

  1. Central Building
  2. Millennium Building
  3. Europa Building
  4. Library | Student Affairs
  5. Sports Centre | Dance Studio 1
  6. Distance Learning Unit | Medical School Block C
  7. Dance Studio 2
  8. Education | Languages Department | Sports Office
  9. Humanities Building
  10. UniHalls Residences
  11. Fine Art Building
  12. Architecture Research Centre (ARC)
  13. Medical School Blocks A and B
  14. Research & Technology Building
  15. UFIT Fitness Centre
  16. Global Semesters
  17. Insights Market Research (IMR)
  18. Centre for Therapy, Training and Research (KESY)

Disabled access is available across the campus with the exception of Building 5 (no access) and Building 18 (partial access)

A Vibrant University Campus

UNIC’s modern campus is made up of 18 purpose-built and refurbished buildings situated amid the urban landscape in the bustling suburb of Engomi in Nicosia. Over the last few years, we have invested over €55 million in our campus infrastructure.

The expansive layout of our campus allows us to provide specialised facilities to support each academic department. The whole neighbourhood is oriented towards student life, allowing for a unique social experience, characterised by community interaction, diversity, learning and fun.

In addition to the teaching facilities, the campus provides the full set of student amenities and support services. You can walk to almost any building on campus within 15 minutes, while there is a large free car park for off-campus students.


 Download the UNIC City Campus Guide here 



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