Dr Giorgos Charalambous

Giorgos Charalambous is an Associate Professor of Political Science, working in the field of comparative European politics and political sociology and particularly specialising in party politics, political ideologies, mobilisation, political behaviour, the domestic politics of European integration and southern Europe. He also has a special interest in theories and debates of critical political economy. Giorgos is co-coordinator of the BA in European Studies and International Relations and is also currently serving as book reviews editor of The Cyprus Review and co-coordinator of the Communism Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association (PSA), as well as member of the Research Advisory Group for the Leventis Foundation Research and Innovation Programme on Cyprus, at the Hellenic Observatory, LSE. He received an MSc in European Public Policy from University College London and a BA (in Economic Studies and Government) and PhD (in Politics) from the University of Manchester. Before joining the University of Nicosia in 2018, he worked at the University of Cyprus, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Frederick University, European University Cyprus and the University of Manchester. He regularly writes essays and commentaries on a number of topics and his academic publications include a number of books and book chapters and many articles, among other journals, in Party Politics, European Political Science Review, Mobilisation, Government and Opposition, International Studies Review, and South European Society and Politics.