Call for applications for the Distance Learning Programme in International Relations and European Studies (MA) of the University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia announces the call for applications for sixty (60) positions for admission to the Distance Learning Programme in International Relations and European Studies (MA) of the University of Nicosia for the Fall Semester 2020.

The Programme allows for specialization in the fields of International Relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies. It offers postgraduate education to holders of a Bachelor’s degree in political science or a related field (e.g. International Relations, European Studies, Governance, Public Administration, Law, etc.), and it is mainly, but not exclusively, addressed to individuals who work, or aspire to work, in relevant fields. Indicative examples are: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic corps, consulates, international firms focusing on Eastern Mediterranean and/or energy issues, security and military sector, energy security sector, public and semi-public sector, and non-governmental organizations focusing on relevant issues.

The Programme will enhance the graduates’ qualifications and knowledge on the subject, while it will also heighten their cognitive and managerial capacity in ways that would help them enrich their career opportunities. Graduates of the programme also have the opportunity to pursue further studies at a PhD level should they choose to follow an academic path.

Among other things, the Programme highlights special legal issues that are of significant theoretical and practical importance, in ways that encourage a comparative approach within the contemporary international and regional context, with the aim of confronting contemporary problems and challenges in theoretically informed and practically efficient ways. Towards the aforementioned goals, the Programme aims to provide postgraduate education and skills to conduct independent research on the relevant fields and achieve a deep understanding of the complexities of international affairs, as well as of the paramount importance of theoretical and methodological competence when dealing with them.

The programme is offered in English.

About the Programme

School Law
Duration 1.5 year or 3 semesters
Positions 60 (sixty)
Deadline for applications 23 September 2020

Admission Requirements and Procedures

In order to start processing your application, we need to receive the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Attested copy of your degree – A Bachelor’s degree (BA/BSc) in the social sciences, or any other relevant degree (relevance will be assessed accordingly)
  4. Attested Copy of your Transcript
  5. Personal Statement: A letter by the prospective student expressing his/her interest in following the program, including his/her interest in following the program, including his/her CV
  6. English Language Certificate
  7. Final Assessment: The postgraduate programme committee will decide on the basis of meritocratic criteria who should be admitted to the programme, in view of the limited number of available positions. The criteria for evaluation are the following: academic and other qualifications, professional experience, letters of recommendation, good knowledge of at least one additional language, research potential of the candidate.

Submission of Application

For academic information regarding the MIRDE you may contact the academic coordinator Dr. Michalis Kontos via email: [email protected]

You may submit your application online:

  1. By visiting the following link, filling out the online Application Form and attaching the documents above:
  2. By sending the documents above to the email address of your admission counselor or to the general email address of the Distance Learning Unit: [email protected]

Method of Delivery

Students have access to their courses via the Moodle platform, after their official enrolment in the programme. Each course consists of lectures, assignments, participation in teleconferences with the students and the teaching faculty and final assessment.

Academic Personnel of the Programme

Andreas Theophanous, Professor, Head of Department of Politics and Governance (Political Economy, European Integration)

Farid Mirbagheri, Professor (International Relations)

Hubert Faustmann, Professor (History, Political Science)

Christina Ioannou, Associate Professor, Associate Dean of the School (European Politics)

Giorgos Kentas, Associate Professor (International Relations)

Theodoros Tsakiris, Associate Professor (Energy Geopolitics)

Constantinos Adamides, Assistant Professor (International Relations/International Security)

Odysseas Christou, Assistant Professor (Governance, Politics)

Michalis Kontos, Assistant Professor (International Relations, International Law)

Giorgos Charalambous, Assistant Professor (Political Science)

Yiannos Katsourides, Lecturer (Political Science)

Emilios Solomou, Lecturer (History)

Maria Hadjiathanasiou, Marie Curie Fellow (Diplomacy, History)

Andreas Karyos, TF (History, Politics)

Nicolas Ioannides, TF (Public International Law)

Victoria Pistikou, TF (International Political Economy)