What role do aerosols play in the Corona-infection?

The big drop of Snot falls quickly to the ground, that much is clear. However, the Coronavirus is tiny and can stay in Mini-droplets longer in the air. These aerosols are increasingly becoming the focus of the research.

Munich (dpa) – In the study of Corona Infection, scientists are increasingly called aerosols under the magnifying glass. Thus, a mixture of solid or liquid suspended particles is referred to – like particles of Sars-CoV-2 – in the air.

“We are pretty sure that aerosols are one of the ways that Covid-19 spread,” said the former President of the International society for aerosols in medicine, Gerhard Scheuch, in Gemünden (Wohra), the German press Agency. Lubrication infections about played less of a role.

There are many questions that are still open, so Scheuch – for example, how the Virus is ride while you Speak, or what role temperature plays. “There’s a lot of research work needs to be done,” he said. “But it is being researched more and more in that direction.” Long is not clear, therefore, how infectious the dried aerosols…




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