UNIC Partners with 7th Cyprus HealthCare Conference

The University of Nicosia is happy to announce its role as the academic partner for the 7th Cyprus HealthCare Conference.

This year’s conference will focus on the evolution towards an equitable and universal health system. The event will address the rapid technological advancements, the changing needs of an aging population, inflationary pressures, and economic challenges that are reshaping the global healthcare sector.

The conference will be moderated by Dr Christos Petrou, Associate Professor at the UNIC School of Life and Health Sciences, and Head of the Department of Health Science, while Vered Aharonson, Professor of Medical Physics at the University of Nicosia Medical School, will be delivering a presentation on ‘How technology and changing patient demands are transforming the medical sector’.

The conference will feature a comprehensive examination of both the private and public healthcare sectors in Cyprus, offering insights into future trends and developments. It will also explore the advancements in the General Health System of Cyprus (GeSY) through a holistic approach aimed at eliminating operational difficulties in healthcare provision.

Key topics at the conference will include international and local expert forecasts for the healthcare sector, the business side of healthcare, and the search for new commercial balances, customers, services, and revenue streams. Additionally, the conference will assess investment opportunities in the healthcare sector, with a focus on the challenges and opportunities presented.

The event is set to take place on Thursday, May 16, at the Hilton Nicosia Hotel, bringing together a diverse group of participants including medical professionals, business leaders, and stakeholders from across the healthcare industry.

For more information on the conference program and registration details, please visit the official conference website.