Photo Competition: #CYCULTURALCLICKS2023

Organised by the students of the “Conference and Exhibition” course under the project “EduTourism” (Interreg V-A Greece – Cyprus 2014-2020).

Photo Competition Theme

The theme for this year’s competition is “Cyprus Culture Clicks 2023”.

Culture serves as the unspoken thread that unites people. A community’s culture is reflected in its art, literature, language, and religion. This year’s photo competition aims to unite the younger generation to promote and create awareness of Cyprus’s gastronomy culture, tradition, environment, and history. So, capture your #CYCULTURALCLICKS2023!

General Terms of Participation

The competition is available to all students in higher education globally; however, an entry may be excluded if the sponsoring organisation or its agent, judges the entry does not correspond with the exhibition terms and conditions at its reasonable discretion.

Entries must be photos (light-sensitive image captures of things) taken by the contestant on photographic material or acquired digitally. By submitting an entrance, the participant acknowledges that the work is their own and allows the sponsors permission to use all or parts of the submitted content for publishing and/or presentation in media linked to the exhibition without charge. This could include publishing low-resolution images on a website. The exhibition accepts no responsibility for any copyright violation. If the photographic material predominates, the maker may edit the image, either electronically or otherwise, and artwork or computer graphics made by the participant may be added if the photo content predominates, subject to divisional regulations.

Each image submitted must be the original work of the participant who must also be its copyright owner. The participant shall retain copyright to the image entered for the competition.

Members of the Organizing Committee are not eligible to enter the photo competition.

Images that have been awarded or accepted in previous Higher Education Students Photo Competitions or have been used for commercial purposes and/or been published will not be eligible.

Photo Guidelines Requirements:

  1. All entries must be digital photos with a high resolution
  2. The theme of the competition is based around the Gastronomic-Oinogastronomic route.
  3. Each image should be at least 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall.
  4. Images should be labeled and dated
  5. Maximum number of photos per submission 4
  6. The photo can be in black and white or color, and it can be in JPEG, PDF, or PNG format
  7. The participants must send their pictures until 4th of April at [email protected], as the timetable also said at the end of page 2.
  8. Digitally altering, removing, or changing items in an image, as well as adding special effect upgrades to photo submissions in the following categories: People, Scenic Nature, and Abstract/ Conceptual, are disallowed
  9. The only allowed enhancements for the categories listed are “Overall Color Enhancement,” “Increased Contrast,” “Overall Lightening or Darkening,” and “Image Cropping”
  10. The participants can put their name and a QR code of their personal page so the people can watch out their other work and also to know which participants took which photos.
  11. Participants have all the copyrights of their pictures but due to that they are entering a competition they should know that the winner picture is going to be used.

Note: Winners might be asked to provide higher resolution images for publication or display purpose related to the contest.

The following submissions are not acceptable:

  1. Images of captive animals photographed in zoos and commercial game farms
  2. Photos that violate or infringe upon another person’s rights, including but not limited to copyright and photographs of persons without the necessary consent required by law in your jurisdiction
  3. Photos that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent, or other objectionable or inappropriate content
  4. Images that involve the willful harassment of wildlife, or damage to the environment by the photographer
  5. Images that involve putting any individual or animal in danger

All participants will receive a report card via e-mail with all his/her scores. The results of the competition will be published on the competition social media platforms.

An Exhibition Catalogue in electronic PDF with all the photos will be available on competition social media platforms.


Name Institution/Organization
Mr. Sotiris Christoforou Nicosia Tourism Board
Mr. Andreas Loukaidis President of the Photography Club at University of Nicosia
Mrs. Chrystalla Kyriakou Adjunct Faculty – Design and Multimedia Department, University of Nicosia- TBC
Mrs.Yianna Orphanidou Programme Coordinator BBA Hospitality Management, Department of Management, University of Nicosia


Opening Date 6th of March
Closing Date 4th of April
Judging Date 5th of April
Announcing Date 6th of April


More info to be announced soon.


Registration entries need to be submitted electronically by completing this form:

Questions can be answered via email to [email protected]

Ms. Panayiota Socratous, Director of the photo competition