Dr Antonia Lemonari - Sophocleous

Dr Antonia Lemonari – Sophocleous

Tonia entered the domain of structural analysis and design in 1994 as a Civil Engineering graduate from the National Technical University of Athens. She has been a qualified professional (CSTC, CyACE, CCEAA membership) specialized in Structural Engineering for her 5-year long studies. She has been conducting research which initiated by the “Investigation of Various Schemes for Dynamic Structures”. She’s been actively carrying out investigation and in 2005 she obtained a 2nd Master in Management expanding her interests. Her ongoing passion in scientific experimentation brought her in contact with the University in 2005, which gave her a lifelong interest in adapting to new methods of teaching utilizing research methods and technology tools and serving as a master program’s coordinator. Her research career boosted when, during her teaching at the National University, she encountered the specialized academics in her research interest field who inspired her to earn a Ph.D. for her research on “Adaptable Dual Control Systems” in 2012. Her work was published in key refereed international journals and presented in fifteen international conferences across Europe and Asia. Her research has been informing professional practice as a structural analyst and designer since 2000. She’s been applying exploration as an employed organizations’ consultant.