International Distinction for UNIC Architecture Student

Chariton Lazaridis wins 1st prize in the International Architecture Competition “MICRO Living Revolution 2018” with his project “AD-HOMES: Future Housing of the Unprivileged”.

The “MICRO Living Revolution 2018” competition focused on the “MICRO” element for the presentation of ideas on new forms of living and housing in the 21st century. Held in Manchester, the United Kingdom, on 12 July 2018, in collaboration with Beta Housing 2018, the competition received a number of global submissions from both professional architects and distinguished universities engaged in the future of residential developments and housing.

Mr. Lazaridis noted, “I worked hard to reach this level and I’m very excited about my success. My project was developed under the Thematic Module 4, and this award gives me more energy and motivation to continue on my path.”

Further, the following students were also recognised for their submissions in the Sydney Competitive Housing Challenge 2018:

  1. Chariton Lazarides (with the project “Insta-Advertising Housing”)
  2. Tatiana Idalia Ioannidou Martinez (with the project “The House Is Where Waste is “)
  3. Nicholas Ioannou (with the work” Gadgetic Nomadism “)
  4. Nursan Arpalikli (with the project” Colony Appliance “)

The “Sydney Affordable Housing” competition aims to garner international interest in the important issue of housing in Sydney, Australia, whose economy is robust but housing among the least affordable, according to research markets.

All of the aforementioned projects were developed within the framework of the UNIT 4 Architectural Research Workshop on “Theory of the Future – Technology is the answer, but what was the question?” which falls within the scope of UNIC’s Architecture Programme, with projects overseen by tutors Markela Menikou and Adonis Kleanthous.

Mrs. Menikou, Ass. Professor of Architecture and President of the Department of Architecture at UNIC said, “We would like to congratulate our students for this great success, which is undoubtedly international recognition for them. UNIT 4 uses a series of international architecture competitions as a basic pedagogical tool. Competitions are the concept of ideas and, at the same time, the means through which students examine concepts and develop their thinking within the agenda of the workshop.”

Mrs. Menikou further noted, “These successes are a huge achievement for our Department, and through these competitions, the Department competes with some of the most renowned architectural schools and architectural agencies in the world“.