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The CAPONEU project is an ambitious research initiative which received a grant under the HORIZON program competition in 2022. It aims to examine how a specific literary genre (the political novel) in various national and cultural contexts deals with political issues and thereby shapes the perception of local and global politics. The CAPONEU’s goal is to assess the political novel as an important element of the European cultural heritage and as a tool for community building and European advocacy. The consortium brings together an interdisciplinary research team that seeks not only to unpack the rich literary heritage of the 20th century but also (through collaboration with a wide range of actors) to make the political novel experiences relevant to our present. This allows us to understand how perceptions formed by different beliefs, values, traditions, economy, history, culture, age and gender are reflected in the political novel and how and why this literary genre re-emerges as a social factor today.

The event will feature a brief presentation of CAPONEU’s goals and ambitions, research and innovation activities, and participating institutions and organizations. The UNIC partners in this project are Prof. Rossie Artemis, Prof. Polina Mackay, and Prof. Paul Stewart from the Department of Languages and Literature.


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