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Seminar 15: “Project management and Time management for PhD students”

The seminar is designed to provide you, in a concise form, with specialized knowledge on planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects. A project is a unique process, consisting of a set of coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve an objective conforming to specific requirements including constraints of time, cost and resources (Iron Triangle). Beyond the “hard” technical aspects described above it involves “soft” variables such as leadership, management, communication, team work, quality assurance and risk assessment and management.

The seminar will be carried out through a short lecture and the demonstration of an actual PhD Project using the freeware Project Libre. The PhD students can download the software and use the file provided.

Developing Effective Time Management Skills

Learning Objective

  • Familiarise students with effective time management skills

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance students’ awareness in terms of effective time management skills


  • Definition of Time Management
  • Questionnaire to assess their time management skills
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Prioritise goals by using Covey’s Time management Matrix (1989)
  • The “To-do-list”
  • Managing emails
  • Managing meetings
  • Online resources for time management


Kyriakos E. Georgiou
Senior Administrative Officer, Office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Kyriakos is a Senior Administrator in the Office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, collaborates on research programs and teaches two courses on Business Administration and Pharmacoeconomics and Project Management.

He studied Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E., 1986) and Business Administration (M.B.A., 1988) at the University of Houston in Texas, U.S.A. Has extensive experience in project management and is a certified Project Manager (PRINCE II). He is a Member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (E.T.E.K.), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Cyprus Computer Society the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association and Trustee of the Foundation of the Liberation Struggle EOKA 1955 – 1959.
Has a long experience in business and the trade union movement, and was senior manager and director of various companies, including the Cyprus Development Bank (1995-2001) and the Hellenic Bank (2006 – 2014). He served as a Member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Bank (Investments) and «Hellenic Bank» (Russia) and Member of the Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committees. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors of Human Resource Development Authority and as Vice Chair on the Audit Committee.

Prof Alexia Papageorgiou
Chair of the Centre of Medical Education, Medical School

Prof Alexia Papageorgiou is the Chair of the Centre of Medical Education at the University of Nicosia Medical School. She holds a BA in Psychology, MSc in Health Psychology and a PhD in Psychiatry.

She is an accredited Life Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. She has been working for more than twenty years and is highly experienced in the academic sector of clinical communication. This relatively new area of health care education aims to develop and promote patient-centred care. Her research covers the areas of clinical communication, medical education, health psychology and advance statements of people who can no longer make decisions in medicine and psychiatry. Her research work has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals and books and international conference proceedings

This seminar is part of the Research Skills Development Programme (RSDP) series. For more information visit https://www.unic.ac.cy/research-skills-development-programme/ 

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