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Webinar – Emotional Intelligence in our Everyday Lives

Dr Marios Constantinou

Our Full Scale I.Q. predicts our ability to solve novel problems and predicts well our school and university grades. It can also predict partly our professional success. However, our everyday lives require us to successfully  interact with others. Everyday, we need to comprehend the motives, needs, and emotional state of others in order to adjust our behavior and own reactions to them. This deep comprehension of others improves our personal social relationships, builts trust between us and others, and motivates others to respect us. The ability to comprehend others, when coupled with a deep comprehension of our selves, our own motives and our own values defines emotional intelligence. Success in our social and professional life is improved, maintained, and maximized when we apply our emotional intelligence in all aspects of our environment. Thankfully, emotional intelligence is not only a genetically determined ability, but it can be also cultivated at any age and stage of our lives.

The online seminar is free and open to all, but it is aimed primarily at gymnasium and high school students, university students and professionals in the field.

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