The UNIC Art, Design & Multimedia Society in collaboration with the Mall of Engomi announces a student competition inspired by the theme of love.

An exhibition of student work will become part of Valentines Day celebration. The celebratory event will take place during the month of February at the Mall of Engomi in Nicosia.

The Mall of Engomi in recent years has developed a long-term action program in partnership with schools, organizations, and organized bodies and community groups. The aim of the program is to educate and actively involve the local community on issues that concern us all.


Students will visit the venue before hand, and propose on how they will adapt the theme given, into the existing space. As a result, they will develop different artifacts/installations in the existing space ie: a series of photos, posters, collages and video art, as to decorate the interior space of the Mall. This effort and collaboration is to build a better understanding on a general approach to love, loving a community and even connecting people.

An exhibition of student work inspired by the broad theme of love, with diverse approaches. ie: “I love my community”, “I love my city”….love in general.


The 10 best work will be awarded. The work will be chosen by an allocated committee made up of: the Mall of Engomi, University of Nicosia and V+O.


Students will come up with their own design specifications/requirements, depending on the proposed ideas.

The work should include the logos of: Art, Design & Multimedia Society, the Department of Design & Multimedia, University of Nicosia and The Mall of Engomi
logos will be provided


Dec 8th 2017: Declare interest

Dec 15th 2017: Proposed ideas

2 feedback sessions (dates will be announced)

Jan 29th 2018: Submission

Feb 5-28th: Exhibition


Poppy Aristidou [email protected]

Yiannis Hadjipanayis [email protected]

Maria Stavride [email protected]