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We, the faculty and staff of the Department of Design and Multimedia, remain committed to educating critical thinkers, artists, creative designers, and responsible citizens.

As part of our mission, we encourage ongoing research and experimentation, so that you can successfully move forward into a future that is constantly evolving. Our programmes provide a broad and innovative education, optimally balancing practical, technological and theoretical learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our courses build strong foundations in art practice, design and production methods, and will equip you with the tools necessary to conceive, develop, and manage the fine art, graphic design, and multimedia projects of tomorrow.

Moreover, the department’s interdisciplinary approach fosters the critical, theoretical and creative exploration of varied fields, such as screen typography, electronic publishing, and design for visual communication, interaction and interface design, virtual reality, computer game development, animation and visual effects, photography, painting, sculpture and printmaking, and other pertinent areas.

By joining the Department of Design and Multimedia, you become part of the broader UNIC community that is always here for you. You are always at the centre of learning with us, with our faculty and staff ever-ready to help you reach your maximum potential and to bring your talent to the surface.

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