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Rising prices, sharper than expected slowdown and interest rates higher than seen in decades is the holy Trinity of Global Economics for 2023. Governments, businesses, entrepreneurs, and people living in Europe must tackle a threefold crisis simultaneously: The cost of living, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.

How can we make sense of everything happening – and what should we expect, looking ahead? We invite you to join a Fireside Chat live on stage with distinguished economist Elias Papaioannou – Professor of Economics at London Business school, and Michael Sarris- Chairman of Astrobank and former Minister of Finance.

Professor Papaioannou will unpack the current economic challenges and explain in plain terms how to face the future.


  • Inflation: can we stop it or tame it
  • The spillover effects of rising energy prices
  • Government policy options for reversing economic slowdown
  • The consequences of the Russian Ukraine conflict on EU
  • How can Businesses survive the current crisis?
  • Economic outlook in 2023
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Elias Papaioannou

Professor of Economics, London Business School, Academic Director, Wheeler Institute for Business and Development UKBA (Athens) MPA (Columbia) PhD (London) LLB Bachelor’s in Law

Professor Papaioannou’ s work and focus is on international finance, political economy, applied econometrics, macro aspects of regulation, law and finance and growth and development. He consults regularly with international organizations, major investment banks, hedge funds, and institutional investors on macroeconomic developments in the EU and Greece. Elias work has been cited in international economic journals and his research has been awarded by numerous bodies in the EU. He is a frequent keynote speaker on economic policy, with a natural eloquence on economic analysis.

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Michael Sarris

Doctorate in Economics, Former Minister of Finance, Chairman of AstroBank

Michael Sarris holds a Doctorate in Economics. From 1972 to 1975 he worked at the Central Bank of Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus. In 1975, he joined the World Bank from where he retired in 2005 as a Department Director. In September 2005, he was appointed Minister of Finance, serving until the change in government in March 2008. From January to August 2012, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Marfin Popular Bank, and in March 2013 became again Minister of Finance for a brief period to negotiate Cyprus’s adjustment program. He is now Chairman of the Board of Directors of AstroBank.



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