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The Centre of Modern Languages of the University of Nicosia cordially invites you to a series of seminars for the Week of Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Nicosia.

The aim of this course is to give participants a general view of Japanese culture and society and to introduce them into basics of Japanese language and communication style. Participants will learn about some traditional aspects of Japanese culture still present in modern society and about cultural developments that make Japan future oriented. Japanese culture will be characterized in the general framework of cultural values, norms, communication style. In addition to introduction into Japanese culture, this course provides a very basic, survival level of language instruction, preparing people for traveling in Japan or starting more intensive language learning.

Dr Hideki Hamada
Akita International University of Japan

Dr Antroulla Papakyriakou
Director of the Centre of Modern Languages, University of Nicosia

Seminar 1. Title: Japanese Food

Monday 18/3/19 18.00-20.00        Venue: Red Amphitheatre

  • Traditional Japanese food and Westernized Japanese food
  • Instant noodle and emergency food
  • Vending machine
  • Ordering food (Language)

What do you like to eat?  What do Japanese people like to eat?  Do they eat sushi every day?  In this seminar, you will learn how Japanese food has changed over the years. Instant food, which is very important in Japan where earthquakes often occur, as well as food/drinks from vending machines will be also introduced.

Language topic: Participants will also learn the most important expressions needed for ordering food in Japan.

Seminar 2. Title: Festivals in Japan

Tuesday  19/3/19 10.30-12.00  Venue: B213

  • Different types of festivals and their purposes
  • Festival stalls
  • Yukata

Festivals are always exciting, but why did people introduce specific festivals?  In this seminar, participants will familiarize themselves with famous festivals in Japan and the origins and special features of those festivals. Food/game stalls that are typical for Japanese festivals will be also introduced.

Seminar 3.  Title: Japanese Games and Traditional Toys

Wednesday  20/3/19 16.30-18.00  Venue: Turquoise Amphitheatre

  • Video games and arcade
  • Are video games bad? Attitude toward video games
  • Traditional toys
  • “Gashapon”

What did you play with when you were a child? What do current children do for fun?  In this seminar, traditional toys/games and current games that Japanese children play will be introduced. We will also reflect about how video games influence children.

Seminar 4. Title: Traveling in Japan

Thursday 21/3 at 14:00 – 16:00 Venue: UNESCO Amphitheatre

  • Hot springs
  • Temples and shrines
  • Culture of giving souvenir
  • How to ride on a bus/taxi (Language)

What would you like to visit in Japan?  Do you know where you should go and why you should go there?  In this seminar, sights that Japanese people and foreigners often visit will be introduced. We will learn what makes these touristic sights so popular. In addition, you will familiarize yourself with omiyage (souvenir) culture in Japan.

Language topic: Participants learn how to use the bus/the taxi.

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