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You are cordially invited to the final year project presentations of our undergraduate students in BSc in Oil & Gas Engineering— Class 2019.

During the past several months, teams of students have developed a comprehensive geological model of an offshore petroleum field assigned to them. The model comprises depositional environment details, petrophysical data from well logs, geological horizons (structural details) from seismic surveys and reservoir fluid properties. Utilizing the reservoir characteristics, students have estimated the hydrocarbon volumes in place and estimated reserves.

Synthesizing all of the data, student teams have formulated a viable development strategy for their oil field supported by reservoir fluid simulations. Development criteria included recovery rates, profitability, reservoir limitations, technological capabilities, and chemical considerations. Whatsmore, environmental aspects of petroleum field exploitation have been taken into account. To realize a plan for field development and operation (FDP) students had to integrate theoretical, engineering and economical knowledge gained during the course of their studies and beyond the classroom. Hence, all of the stages of field exploration will be demonstrated from well log interpretation to commercial analysis while factoring in Cyprus environmental regulations as well as health and safety issues.

Presentations will help attendees realize what it takes to develop offshore gas fields discovered in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone. The event is scheduled for Mon 3rd of June, at 10:00am, at the Research & Technology Building, University of Nicosia, and is open to the public.

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