Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Cyprus: a descriptive and comparative study

The University of Nicosia Medical School has received approval from the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee and the Ministry of Health to carry out a descriptive and comparative study of COVID-19 hospitalized patients at Famagusta General Hospital (FGH) in Cyprus and Sheba Medical Center (SMC) in Israel, using anonymized data.

The primary aim of this study will be to characterize demographically and clinically the hospitalized COVID-19 patients at the FGH, the reference hospital for COVID-19 in Cyprus. As a secondary aim, the study will compare these characteristics against those of patients hospitalized at SMC, the reference hospital for COVID-19 in Israel. Lastly, it will use data from the two patient populations to investigate clinical hypotheses relating to COVID-19.

Participating Centres and Researchers:

University of Nicosia Medical School: Dr Christiana Demetriou, Dr Annalisa Quatrrocchi, Dr Alexandros Heraclides, Dr Ourania Kolokotroni, Dr Joseph Joseph, Dr Constantina Constantinou, Prof Peter Karayiannis and Prof Andreas Charalambous.

Famagusta General Hospital: Dr George Siakallis.

Sheba Medical Centre: Dr Gadi Segal.