Mr Eftychios-Nicolaos Efthimiou

Adjunct Faculty

Eftihis Efthimiou is a biologist and a computational design specialist, with a diploma from the Uni. of Ioannina and a M.Arch GAD from the Volos School of Architecture, Uth, with honours. He is researching complex architectural geometry problem solving through the use of autopoetic design systems. His base is Decode Fab Lab, where he holds the position of Head of Training and Computational Instructor. Apart from that, he is heavily focused on Academia. He is currently a Lecturer at the “Computational Design & Digital Fabrication Msc”, at the Architrecture Dept., UNIC and a Scientiffic Collaborator at the Advanced Design Graduate Program, Architecture Dept. Auth, where he teaches computational design & digital fabrication. He is also a Research Associate in A.U.Th. In the past he used to teach at the Architrecture Dept., UIbk, as a Visiting Lecturer and a Senior Scientist, and at the Architrecture Dept., Volos, Uth, as a Teaching Assistant. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions around Europe, exploring both the technical and expressive aspects of computational design for the articulation of architectural form.

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