UNIC School of Law hosts the kick-off meeting of Erasmus+ funded project “Sust-HEIn”

The School of Law hosted the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ funded project “Sust-HEIn –Fostering whole institution approach to sustainability in higher education through systems-thinking”. Our project team’s principal investigator is the faculty member Odysseas Christou and the School is also represented by Evi Eftychiou.  Maria Evagorou and Iris Charalambidou -faculty members at the School of Education and at the School of Life and Health Sciences respectively- also participate in the project. The project will promote an institutional model to support HEIs’ strategic planning in effectively responding to evolving needs and conditions to deliver systemic, institution-wide integration of sustainability. It will use a systems-thinking approach to facilitate the transition of HEIs to green, sustainable institutions that contribute to confronting the growing complexity of societal challenges such as climate change and clean energy use.