UNIC’s Leading MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency now offered on campus

The University of Nicosia on-campus Master’s programme will help address the global talent shortage for competent professionals in this rapidly evolving field.

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is launching the on-campus equivalent of its leading MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency in September 2021. The on-campus Master’s programme will follow the same curriculum as its online counterpart, which was the first academic programme in this domain worldwide, dating back to 2014.

The MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency is a three-semester programme, designed to prepare competent professionals in the fields of digital assets and blockchain technology, ultimately helping to bridge the talent gap between supply and demand for properly educated engineers, developers, analysts, consultants, regulators, and policymakers. Students will benefit from a holistic coverage of the field, including courses in finance & economics, business management, and computer science, all focused on existing and emerging crypto applications, such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and asset tokenization.

According to Professor George Giaglis, at the University’s Department of Digital Innovation, which hosts the MSc programme, “our students will now also have the opportunity to pursue this unique MSc degree on campus at the University of Nicosia, fully immersing themselves alongside the crypto research team housed at the University’s Institute for the Future (IFF) and benefiting from continuous interaction with faculty, PhD candidates and fellow students”.

UNIC is a world leader in crypto and blockchain education and research, having been the first university in the world to offer a degree in the field and the first to adopt blockchain to publish its academic certificates and diplomas for instant online verification of degree authenticity. UNIC also advises the European Commission on blockchain matters, as the academic lead of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, and maintains partnerships with many prominent crypto protocols and projects for joint research and technology development.

Professor Giaglis, who is also the Executive Director of IFF, underscored how these developments put UNIC ahead of the curve: “Our free online Introduction to Digital Currencies’ course has been followed by over 40,000 students from 120 countries to date. Many of these students go on to the full MSc degree and are being aggressively recruited by top employers across the globe – suffice to say, 92% of our graduates are employed within six months of graduation, with 54% of them finding new jobs directly relating to the crypto/blockchain field. Considering that blockchain has topped the list of skills employers are looking for in employees around the world (LinkedIn, 2020) and that demand for blockchain-based jobs is set to continue experiencing tremendous growth, we expect our graduates to be highly sought after, not only in the blockchain and crypto industry, but also in finance, retail, healthcare, shipping, energy, gaming, and a range of other industries that the crypto wave is set to disrupt in the coming years”. 

For more information concerning the University of Nicosia MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency, to be offered as of the Fall 2021 Semester, please contact Hazal Aripinar ([email protected]) and/or visit the official programme page: www.unic.ac.cy/blockchain-and-digital-currency-msc.