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Webinar – Corporations, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: Marketing Practices after a Pandemic

Dr Yioula Melanthiou
Associate Professor
Head of the Department of Marketing

Matthew Zorpas
Lecturer and Founder of The Gentleman Blogger

Marketing practices have been evolving during the last few years. Principles of Marketing have remained the same, but the practices of Marketing – how we do Marketing – has changed significantly over the past few years. And just when marketers thought that we now have a certain stability, a Pandemic occurs and shakes every normality as we knew it. The business world has been taken by surprise, and with no warning and time to adapt to the new norm. But with the principles of Marketing still remaining in place, what has happened to the practices of Marketing? Have they stopped? Have they changed? Have they adapted? Or … even have customers changed?

A one-to-one interview delivered through this Webinar will seek to offer advice to corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs about how Marketing practices can be adapted, and suggestions on defining the voice, the message, the delivery and even the product the day after a pandemic.

The online seminar is free and open to all, but it is aimed primarily at gymnasium and high school students, university students and professionals in the field.

For more information regarding the programme click here.

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