Erasmus+ Doctoral Mobility for Traineeships

Enrolled UNIC doctoral students can participate in Erasmus+ student mobility for internships.

The funding opportunities for doctoral students include:

  • Long-term internships abroad
  • Short-term stays (optionally in combination with a virtual phase from home)

PhD students with an employment contract with UNIC can also participate in Erasmus+ staff mobility, mainly for Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility or Erasmus+ for Training.

Erasmus+ long-term doctoral mobility Erasmus+ traineeship
The funded duration of the activity should be between 2 to 12 months. The eligibility conditions for PhD students are the same, as the general Erasmus+ Student Mobility Traineeship activities require.

Erasmus+ short-term doctoral mobility Erasmus+ traineeship
The activity require a physical period abroad of 5 to 30 days. An additional virtual activity at UNIC is optional.

Additional support grant to cover supplementary costs for the activity abroad may be provided in case of fewer opportunities applications. (More information on fewer opportunity participants can be found here)

Individual support provided for the time spent abroad:

Erasmus+ Long-Term Study Mobility European Mobility Countries
Country Monthly Amount
Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Lichtenstein 674€
Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Portugal 606€
Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary,
Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia
*Fewer Opportunities participants, top-up additional 250€

Erasmus+ Blended & Doctoral Short-Term Mobility

Period Daily amount per participant in EUR
5-14 days 79€
15-30 days 56€
Top-Up for fewer opportunities participants Daily amount per participant in EUR
5-14 days 100€
15-30 days 150€

*Funding will not be provided for the virtual period.

PhD students interested in participating in the Erasmus+ Doctoral Mobility for Traineeships should apply during the Call for Applications before the beginning of their mobility activity.

More information on how you can apply can be found here.

Contact Details:

Erasmus Office
Location: Central building, B8
Email: [email protected]