RESILIENCE BUILDING IN VULNERABLE SMALL STATES (by Lino Briguglio). Small states are characterised by their very high degree of economic openness, export concentration and dependence on highly inelastic price and income demand for imports. These factors are associated with economic vulnerability, as they render a country highly exposed to the harmful effects on external … MORE
GREAT THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS: THE STRATEGIC SIMILARITIES OF THE SOUTHERN GAS CORRIDOR TO THE EARLY STAGES OF FAST MED CORRIDOR (by Theodoros Tsakiris). On 17 May 2016, a ceremony took place in Thessaloniki that commemorated the beginning of the construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project. TAP, that crosses 545 km of Greek … MORE
CURRENT POLITICAL CRISIS IN TURKEY (by Ahmet Djavit An). The Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi=AKP) has been in power in Turkey in the last 14 years and it has already made big steps forwards in order to legitimize the establishment of an Islamic State in Turkey. The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1924 by Kemal Ataturk and until 1990’s, Kemalism … MORE
TTIP: THE CONSOLIDATION OF A NEW GLOBAL STRUCTURE OF CAPITAL ACCUMULATION (by Soteris Kattos). “EU trade deal with US is imperative” since it will contribute to growth and development, says in a recent article in Cyprus Weekly (May 13, 2016), Mr. George Markopouliotis the Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus.  Apparently, no one should MORE
A BREAKTHROUGH EVOLUTIONARY APPROACH IN RESOLVING THE CYPRUS PROBLEM (by Christos Yiangou). For more than 38 years Greek Cypriots (G/Cs) and Turkish Cypriots (T/Cs) have been trying hard, under the auspices of the United Nations, to solve the Cyprus problem and reunite Cyprus (a beautiful island strategically located in the rich endowed Eastern Mediterranean Sea) MORE
THE AFTER TROIKA MOU ERA: ANALYSIS, PROSPECTS AND PROPOSALS (by Haris Stavrinides). The after Memorandum era leaves deep wounds to the real economy since the financial model that Cyprus followed by providing services to international companies, has been significantly compromised by the decisions of the Eurogroup in March 2013. The trust and robustness of the banking … MORE
A FEST OF ARROGANCE OF (FAKE) SUPERIORITY (by Chris Alexander). If you’re into plants, you’ve got to read the article ‘The Intelligent Plant’ by Michael Pollan—it’s a fascinating read. And, if you have time, you’ve also got to listen to Michael Pollan’s seventeen-minute TED Conference presentation in which he suggests, jokingly, that corn, in a cunning bid for world habitat … MORE


CHANGE OF PARADIGM OR FALSE ALARMISM?: THE CASE OF CYPRUS. Last month Ministry of Economics of Cyprus announced that it expected the country’s GDP to exceed 2% growth mark in 2016. The optimistic news was boosted by the Minister of Commerce, Tourism and Industry who declared that tourist sector must be credited for pulling the local economy out of the crisis. These … MORE