Chris Alexander,

Assistant Professor (Technology Enhanced Learning/TESOL), Head of the Distance Learning IT Unit,University of Nicosia

If you’re into plants, you’ve got to read the article ‘The Intelligent Plant1 by Michael Pollan—it’s a fascinating read. And, if you have time, you’ve also got to listen to Michael Pollan’s seventeen-minute TED Conference presentation2 in which he suggests, jokingly, that corn, in a cunning bid for world habitat domination, might be manipulating ‘its presumably far more intelligent’ corn-consuming humans into expanding its habitat and into eliminating its competitors.

I suppose an interesting follow-up question to Pollan’s discussion might be whether it is unethical to manipulate someone else into doing what you want, if that someone else, at the same time, in a fest of arrogance of (fake) superiority, is manipulating you into doing what he or she wants. And I suppose another interesting follow-up question to Pollan’s discussion might be whether a fest of arrogance of (fake) superiority could at times apply to American foreign policy.

And on that note, let’s move to the US Assistant Secretary of State’s (Victoria Nuland) ‘all-smiles’ exigent visit to Cyprus which took place on 20 April 20163; according to the Cyprus Mail’s rather upbeat account, Nuland was ‘very happy to be back in Cyprus’ and reiterated ‘her country`s support for the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus’.  Nonetheless, Helmer4 (2016, April 26) paints quite a different picture of Nuland’s Cyprus visit. Helmer asserts that a well-informed Cypriot source reports Nuland ‘was in Cyprus to pre-empt any likelihood of future deepening in relations with Russia’. Helmer (2016) also notes Nuland apparently tried to push through a plan for ‘camouflaging the Turkish forces in Northern Cyprus as a NATO partnership for peace’.

So what’s really going on? Is America trying to support Cyprus or is it just being a bully? Well we may never know; however, other things—seem to be—in point of fact, much clearer.

America has sadly been experiencing massive economic decline5 for some time now, and its world-reserve currency status, which has been buttressed by endless wars or the threat of endless wars, is at grave risk6 too. Thanks to the alternative media, millions of people are also increasingly beginning to understand the scam7 of their monetary system. Millions of people are also becoming more aware of disadvantages of the EU and US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), whose negotiations were ‘carried out mostly in secret’ (Williams: 2015)8.  And, millions of people are just losing yet more faith in a US that claims to be fighting ISIS (aka Daesh or ISIL), yet apparently may have been involved duplicitously in creating, arming and funding it9.

A lot of other policies seem to be being implemented very speedily too e.g. the push for a negative interest rate policy (NIRP)10, the drive for a cashless society11, the enactment of the new EU bail-in laws12, or increased NSA Surveillance against US citizens13. Such events suggest the neo-con globalist elites must surely be beginning to panic. The stakes are very high for them too: what if for instance the US population en mass finally decided that the velvet-gloved, technologically-savvy, militarized iron fist of friendly fascism’ (Whitehead: 2016)14 just wasn’t for them?

Other countries might be sensing a fall of American hegemony is on the cards and have become more emboldened too; take those Russian-jet impressively-low simulated-attack fly-overs of the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea15 (which occurred just over a week before Victoria Nuland’s visit to Cyprus), or take that skilfully-close Russian interceptor 50-foot fly-by of an American reconnaissance aircraft in the Baltic Sea16 (which occurred just under a week before Victoria Nuland’s visit to Cyprus), or take Beijing’s ominous ‘be careful’ threat to Washington over the South China Sea17 in early April 2016, or take Saudi Arabia’s threat to the US that it would liquidate its Treasury holdings if Congress probed 9/11 attacks18 in mid-April 2016, or take Iran’s early-May-2016 threat to shut down the Strait of Hormuz in reaction to new US proposed legislation regarding ‘seeking a stronger response to Tehran’s provocative actions against the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf19, or take France saying no to the TTIP20 in early May 2016 (the French probably didn’t want to have to eat US GMOs too!). 

And, take (according to Schortgen 201621 article on a well-known alternative media site) the Iran and Cyprus apparent announcement on 28 April 2016 (just over a week after the Nuland visit) that ‘they are seeking new banking and trade agreements with Russia which would expand their sphere of Eurasian Economic Cooperation’; if Schortgen is correct, this would be very interesting, as it would partly resonate with Russia’s suggestion to the EU in January 2015 to drop TTIP and embrace the Eurasian Union22, but Eurasian Economic Cooperation might also lead to tensions rising with the US, assuming Helmer 2016 assertions are correct.

Well, it appears we may be approaching a very dangerous tectonic-shift-point moment in human history. It is the moment hubris could lead to third-world23 Zimbabwe-ism in the US. It is the moment hubris could lead to the unimaginable quick-trigger nuclear-first-strike draw (and, I would wager that the Russian bear will undoubtedly take the necessary steps to defend her Mother Russia24 ferociously). It is the moment hubris could lead to a rise of fascism, to a scourge of hopelessness, and to a culling of the innocent and misguided.  And, this is the moment human uniqueness must triumph over any attempts to transition in a new more oppressive global reality.

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