The Center for European and International Affairs of the cceia of Nicosia is organizing a series of seminars on “European Political Thought”, to be presented by Dr Eleni Papamichael.


“European Political Thought” aims to examine – over an eight-week period – some of the core concepts behind the political ideologies and fundamental moral ideas and values examined by European political philosophers. In this context, particular emphasis will be placed on the concepts of Social Justice, Liberty, Equality and Democracy.      


The eight lectures will be held every Wednesday between 18:45 and 20:15 at conference room M106 (Millennium building 1st floor) at the cceia of Nicosia.  Each seminar will be structured as a 60 minute lecture, followed by a discussion.  Participants to more than six seminars will be awarded Diplomas of Attendance.


Attendance fee: 50 euro.  Monitoring individual lectures 10 euros.


For more information and registration contact the Center for European and International Affairs at 22-841600 or 99-536311 and/or [email protected] by November 12, 2012.




Thematic Units:


Week 1: November 14, 2012:

Why do we need political philosophy?



Week 2: November 21, 2012:

What is Social Justice? (Part I)

Contemporary philosophical theories of Social Justice: Friedrich von Hayek, John Rawls



Week 3: November 28, 2012:

What is Social Justice? (Part II)

Contemporary philosophical theories of Social Justice: Robert Nozick

Week 4: December 05, 2012:

What is Liberty?

Contemporary philosophical theories of Liberty: Isaiah Berlin, Gerald MacCallum



Week 5: December 12, 2012:

Freedom and Private Property



Week 6: January 09, 2013:

What is Equality?

Different interpretations of the principle of treating people “as equals”

Week 7: January 16, 2013:

What is Democracy?

Distinctions and Degrees of Democracy: Direct, Indirect and Participatory Democracy

Week 8: January 23, 2013:

The intrinsic and instrumental justifications of Democracy: Procedures and Outcomes