UNIC School of Law successfully hosts simulation events for ambitious Lawyers and Diplomats

In the context of introducing Lyceum students, as well as student of secondary technical and vocational education to the degrees offered by UNIC School of Law and to professions they could thereafter later follow, two interesting simulation events were held: The first took place on January 28, with the aim of introducing students to International Relations studies, and more specifically to  studies in Diplomacy, Security and International Organisations, and the second on February 18,  with the theme “Becoming a Lawyer for a Day”.

The first simulation event was presented by the Department of Politics and Governance faculty members Constantinos Adamides, Michalis Kontos and Giorgos Charalambous. They analysed concepts, such as foreign policy, diplomacy, security, conflict management, International Organisations (with an emphasis on the United Nations), and European Union policies and institutions among others. The participants had the opportunity to learn about studies in International Relations and European studies, and about their professional prospects.

In the second event, the presenters, Grigoris Michailidis and Adjunct Faculty member Andreas Christou, acted as presenters. The participants were informed about the curriculum of legal studies at UNIC and had the chance to take part in a moot trial workshop. This gave them a unique opportunity to get to know the world of Legal Science and the Legal Profession.