UNIC behind Nicosia’s new branding identity

The renewed branding identity of the Cyprus capital initiated by the Nicosia Tourism Board and designed by the Marketing Department of the University of Nicosia, was presented on 4 June at Cine Studio, in the presence of Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savvas Perdios, senior government and state officials, business executives and media representatives.

With the slogan “The brightest capital of Europe”, the new identity of the city combines all the elements that make it different and unique to its residents and visitors. To create the new identity, the Marketing Department of the University of Nicosia carried out the research, planning and drafting of the relevant strategy, since 2018. A.G.Mesarites Brandbuilders, and its Managing Director Andreas Mesaritis, also made an important contribution to the project, as they were one of the first supporters of the project.

In his welcoming speech, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savvas Perdios, congratulated the involved parties and noted:

“The profile of the modern tourist now demands the modernisation of the offered product. I am particularly excited that the capital’s new identity highlights the culture, history, gastronomy and multiple educational choices offered to visitors, both locals and foreigners. This identity reflects not only the sunshine but also the luminous and unique experiences visitors can encounter in Nicosia as well as the bright minds studying in this city”.

Mrs. Elena Tanou, President of the Nicosia Tourism Board, warmly thanked the University of Nicosia for the pro-bono contribution of its expertise for the capital’s rebranding and referred to the urgent need to create a new image for Nicosia. An image that can transfer all the unique characteristics of the capital – its history, culture, educational values, developed university system, professional sports, advanced medical services. She also stressed that the long-term goal of the new branding identity is to attract quality and thematic tourism; appeal to foreign investments and companies interested in transferring their headquarters; increase foreign student population; repatriate Cypriots living abroad; impact positively the morale and strengthen the sense of pride among Cypriots while educating them about the history of their capital city.

On behalf of the University of Nicosia, the President of the Council, Professor Nicos Kartoukoullis, stated:

“As an academic institution of Nicosia, we realise the immense importance of our role in improving the quality of life of the capital’s residents and the development of the city in general. Our decision to support this effort is inextricably linked to the need we have identified for a change in the city’s branding identity, recognising that this change can become a lever for the region’s growth. We will continue supporting similar efforts to the benefit not only of Nicosia, but also of the country in general.”

main logo blocks of Nicosia Rebranded LogoNicosia The brightest capital of Europe logo

The elements of Nicosia’s logo and new identity are an amalgam of recognisable symbols associated with the capital, such as its Venetian walls and distinctive gates, as well as the signifying blue doors adorning the narrow streets of the old city. As noted by Andreas Kitsios, Vice President of Marketing at the University of Nicosia, during the presentation of the new logo, the doors symbolise the concept of hospitality and they serve as a means of discovery.

“The choice of a door / gateway as the key element of Nicosia’s new logo combines one of the most recognizable symbols of the capital, and it functions both as ‘n’ and as an ‘λ’ (in Greek), serving the English and Greek version of the logo”, he explained. .

For the implementation of the strategy to promote the new branding identity of Nicosia, the “Nicosia Consortium” has been set up with the participation of:

• Nicosia Tourism Board
• Deputy Ministry of Tourism
• Advertising companies, marketing, branding and public relations companies
• Software and technology companies
• Media
• Audiovisual production companies
• Event organizers
• Printing companies
• Nonprofit organisations

The Nicosia Tourism Board and the University of Nicosia invite those interested to participate in the consortium, to contact [email protected] or 22 889 600.