We recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Amer El Tagi, an Intercollege/University of Nicosia alumni. He gladly took the time to talk about his successful career and to share fond recollections of his student years at his first home away from home. Mr. Amer obtained a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in 2005 and expressed an interest in pursuing a postgraduate degree at the University provided that he has more time on his hands – noting that this is not an easy task for managing directors! Further into the interview, we discovered other interesting facts concerning Mr. Amer, which we gladly share in the following interview.

How would you describe your university years?

The best time of my life! It was my first home because it was here that I felt my life began; I felt as though I was finally heading somewhere.

The help that I received from the institution throughout my studies was amazing. I