Dr Antonaras Honored for his Support in Achieving Set Environmental Targets of the Cyprus Republic

Dr Alexandros Antonaras, Vice President of Student Services and Assistant Professor in the Department of Management & MIS, School of Business, was honored for his continuous support in the efforts of the Environment Commissioner and subsequently of the Republic of Cyprus, to achieve the set environmental targets.

During a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace on 5 June, on the occasion of the celebrations for the World Environment Day, Dr Antonaras received the award by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades. In particular, the award was granted for his contribution in matters of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Sustainability, as well as for his wider effort to promote corporate responsibility and incorporation of the 17 Sustainable Development Targets set by the United Nations in the strategy of businesses.

Commenting on the development, Dr Antonaras expressed his joy for receiving this award and stated:

“the involvement with business responsibility and sustainability, as well as the promotion of these ideas in the business community have been a personal challenge for more than ten years. This honor signifies the recognition of these efforts and goes hand in hand with a promise to continue contributing to the country’s viable development and overall sustainability.”