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UNIC Blockchain Programs

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is, by most measures, the leading university globally in the digital currency and blockchain field.

UNIC has long considered blockchain technology to be a fundamental technological breakthrough with significant financial and societal implications and selected it as one of its three interdisciplinary priorities across all schools and departments of the university.

This leading role in academia has been recognized by blockchain industry publications in their evaluation of UNIC’s position among universities involved in the field – CoinDesk (#1, 2016), The Merkle (#1, 2017).

In 2018, UNIC was awarded the Biggest Contributor to the rise of Blockchain award, by The Blocks Awards.

A UNIC Story – Bryant Joseph Gilot

Watch a video of the real story of one of our pioneering graduates from the MSc in Digital Currency.

MSc in Digital Currency – Online

The first and best degree program globally on decentralized digital currencies and blockchains (distributed ledger technology).

By participating in this program, students are positioning themselves to be part of an exclusive set of professionals in business/finance and IT that have a broad understanding of the financial, regulation, cryptography, game theory, and technology innovation markets that are enabled by blockchains.

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The Story Behind the UNIC Story

Free MOOC on Digital Currencies

Taught by world leading experts Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis, and attended by over 30,000 students, DFIN-511 is the world’s first MOOC on Digital Currencies.

Introduction to Digital Currencies covers both a technical overview of decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin, as well as their broader economic, legal and financial context. Through this free online course, students get first-hand knowledge of what they are, why they exist, why they are so important for improving financial services, and more.

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A UNIC Story – Tey El-Rjula

Watch a video of the truly inspiring story of one of our first MOOC students and his journey from refugee to blockchain entrepreneur.

Online Professional Certification Programs

Online Professional Certification Programs that consist of three courses of the MSc in Digital Currency and are taught by the same world-class instructors.

The UNIC Blockchain Professional Certification Programs are designed for students that wish to become competent blockchain professionals but do not wish to embark on a full academic program.

We offer three Professional Certifications that can help jump-start a career as blockchain business analyst, financial analyst, or developer.

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Professional Certification Programs

  • Blockchain Financial Analyst Certification
    DFIN-513: Open Financial Systems
    DFIN-522: Regulation and Digital Currencies
    DFIN-524: Blockchain Technology and Applications
  • Blockchain Business Analyst Certification
    DFIN-522: Regulation and Digital Currencies
    MGT-523: Principles of Disruptive Innovation
    MIS-536: Emerging Topics and Practical Considerations in Blockchains