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Embark on a comprehensive academic journey with our Master’s programs at the Institute for the Future (IFF), University of Nicosia, where cutting-edge research meets advanced education in pivotal future-shaping technologies.

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MSc in

We are at the beginning of a global wave of demand for blockchain academic and professional education and certification. The University of Nicosia was the first to recognize this need and responded by offering the first Master of Science degree in Blockchain and Digital Currency, available to students worldwide through an online format since 2014 and on campus since 2021. The programme is hosted by the Department of Digital Innovation.

MSc in

The Master degree in Computer Science advances the students’ knowledge in core areas of computer science beyond the undergraduate level and exposes them to current and emerging trends.
The program aims of the specialization in Blockchain Technologies focus on the fundamentals of digital currencies and the underlying blockchain technology. It also focuses on programmable smart contracts and the associated architectures such as Ethereum. It aims to prepare students on the possible impact of these technologies on various applications including those based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things.

MSc in

The MSc in Metaverse is an interdisciplinary programme focused on preparing creators, developers, architects, social scientists, financial professionals, policy makers, and others for careers in metaverse design and management. The master’s program is designed to help students explore the relationship between Metaverse technologies and its applications (e.g. technical, business) to attain a new insight on how to design, develop, and gain value from the implementation of new Metaverse products and services.


Bryant Joseph Gilot

In 2009, Bryant worked as a doctor in Philadelphia. While practicing, he developed a passion for the innovative field of blockchain technology. In 2014, he enrolled in an online MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia. He was one of the first graduates in the world with a degree in blockchain technology. Bryant combined his medical career with his passion to chase a new dream. Today, he is Chief Medical Officer at Blockchain Health Co. in San Francisco. He spends his time between San Francisco and Tübingen, enhancing medical research.

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