BLOCK.CO is a spin-off company of the University of Nicosia. It has for the last three years been active in the Blockchain credentialing space through their proprietary platform securing to date millions of documents on the Blockchain.

BLOCK.CO leverages blockchain technology to offer secure, tamper-proof credentialing solutions. Originating as a University of Nicosia initiative, it has grown to protect millions of documents on the blockchain. The platform enables the issuance of verifiable digital certificates, pioneering in blockchain-based academic credentials since 2015.’s technology is not only utilized by the University of Nicosia but has also been adopted by other educational institutions and organizations worldwide, aiming to revolutionize the way credentials are issued, stored, and verified.

BLOCK.CO, active in blockchain credentialing for three years, is trusted by over 100 organizations for document security on the blockchain. Expanding into the Metaverse and NFTs, their platform offers innovative features for brands to engage directly with audiences. This move anticipates the shift of businesses towards web 3.0 marketing, utilizing blockchain and NFTs to revolutionize consumer engagement, enhancing customer experience and brand interaction value. Designed as a simple yet effective tool, BLOCK.CO aims to be the go-to partner for companies exploring Web3 opportunities for brand identity reinforcement.