Blockchain Tech Academy

and Incubator Program

Empowering innovation with premier blockchain and Web3 technical courses and incubation.

Our mission

We are on a mission to train developers and expose them to the transformative potential of web3 by providing access to training material and opportunities to innovate through an incubator programme.


Blockchain Tech Academy

Training opportunities for the next generation of blockchain and Web3 developers

Blockchain Tech Academy embraces a “Web3 agnostic” approach, ensuring our training spans a broad range of platforms and ecosystems, highlighting our belief in limitless education.

We strive to be the go-to knowledge hub for developers, offering specialized courses designed to advance their practical skills and certify them as leaders in the web3 domain.


the Incubator Program

Partner with the World’s leading university in offering high quality technical education on Blockchains and Web3

Through our incubator and accelerator program, developers gain unique access to a platform designed to spark innovation, offering them a pathway to turn their blockchain concepts into viable solutions.

This program facilitates connections between startups and a wide array of blockchain platforms, ensuring participants have the resources and network needed to thrive in the Web3 ecosystem.

Focused on early-stage startups, we provide extensive mentorship and training, equipping founders with the tools and knowledge necessary for success, from ideation to launch.

Our Portfolio

XRPL Technical Course: Innovating Blockchain Education with Ripple

We are currently working with the XRPL Commons team on an educational course dedicated to the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This initiative, central to our multiyear collaboration with Ripple, aims to enrich our curriculum with research-driven learning in blockchain technology. Focused on the latest features of the XRPL, the course integrates advanced teaching methods, including gamification, simulations, and challenges, to foster engagement and deepen understanding. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive, technically oriented course that arms learners with the expertise needed to pioneer in the blockchain domain.

DeFi Lab: Advancing Decentralized Finance

In partnership with EMURGO, we have developed the DeFi Lab, a cutting-edge initiative designed to drive innovation and knowledge in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This lab focuses on the research, development, and dissemination of DeFi technologies, offering participants a unique opportunity to work on forefront DeFi projects. Through this program, we aim to equip innovators with the tools to develop secure, transparent, and inclusive financial solutions, contributing to the evolution of the global DeFi ecosystem and setting new benchmarks for financial innovation.

Stellar Technical Courses: A Leap into the Future of FinTech

In collaboration with the Stellar Development Foundation, we have developed a premier course that delves into the Stellar ecosystem. This program is specifically crafted to equip developers with practical skills in utilizing Stellar’s development tools and SDKs, exploring its innovative multi-currency network, and gaining insights into the Stellar Development Foundation’s critical contributions to digital finance innovation. It empowers the journey in blockchain technology with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.